Developmental Optometry and PressVision

A specialized field, developmental optometry was formally introduced in 1971 with the formation of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD). You can learn more about COVD and developmental optometry at

Developmental vision is complementary to behavioral optometry, which has its origins in the Optometric Extension Program (OEP). You can learn more about OEP and behavioral optometry at

The 21st century has seen developmental optometry blossom into a form of integrative or holistic care. We collaborate with other developmental and integrative professional who share similar concepts about tapping into the unlimited potential of children and their families.


There are many excellent publications that will provide you with more information about developmental vision on our website.

You can learn more about how we collaborate with occupational therapists here.

For additional information, email PressVision or call us at

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