Brain Injuries and PressVision

Driving Problems

Picture of car and driving

Patients with brain injury due to stroke or head trauma have significant problems with driving. This may be due to eye muscle problems causing double vision, peripheral vision problems, or problems with cognitive processing. Visual processing speed and motor response time are factors that are often affected. We are fortunate to have an excellent driver’s rehabilitation program that is very close to us at the Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation.

Re-entry into driving requires a multidisciplinary effort

We work closely with the driving program at Kessler, often seeing patients in consultation with the occupational therapy department, and at other times referring patients to Kessler for driver’s training after they have received optometric care through lenses, prisms, or vision therapy.

The decision as to whether it is safe for the patient to resume driving, a critical component of an individual’s independence, is usually a mutual one between professionals and the patient’s family.

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