Visual Processing and PressVision

Evaluation and Treatment

There are two complementary forms of evaluation for visual processing, clinical observations and standardized testing. The observation of your child begins from the moment he enters the office, extending to the way he is able to interact with the doctor and assistants. Therapists in our office are carefully selected so that they are sensitive to children who have special needs.

Wacs Test

When children are old enough, and cognitively ready, we use a variety of standardized visual processing tests. The goal of these tests is to generate a score in terms of a percentile rank. This allows us to compare the performance of your child on the test to other children who are his age level. A key test that we use for preschoolers is the Wachs Analysis of Cognitive Structures. Dr. Harry Wachs is a world-renowned developmental optometrist who worked in conjunction with Dr. Stanley Greenspan, developer of the floor-time model for children with autism spectrum disorder, developmental delays, and learning disabilities.

During school-aged years our battery of tests includes other standardized instruments that cluster into visual perception or processing without motor involvement versus tests that incorporate movement. In movement categories we differentiate gross-motor from fine-motor, or eye-body coordination from eye-hand coordination.

Individualized Treatment and Therapy Provided

When treatment is indicated we carefully weigh which activities and in what time frame a patient will receive the most benefit. The length of treatment, and the balance between home therapy and office therapy is individualized for each child. All therapy in our office is done on a one-to-one basis so that each patient receives the undivided attention of the therapist. Our therapists are either board eligible or board certified by the College of Optometrists in Vision Development, and work closely with the doctors who guide programming and monitor progress on a regular basis.

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