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Vision Therapy Success Videos

Developments in video technology have made it more efficient to obtain chairside video success stories from patients. The most compelling stories are those told by patients when they are reflecting on how much has been accomplished while we are conducting vision therapy progress evaluations. These YouTube videos may also appear on our facebook page.

20/20 Isn't Everything - A Child's vision is critical to learning

An Angered Parent Tells It Like It Is

Vision Therapy has changed Alyssa’s life.

"One of the worst feelings you can experience as a parent, is knowing that something is wrong with your child, but not knowing how to correct it.

I am so very thankful to the staff at Family Eyecare Associates. The care and attention that has been given to Alyssa has been first rate."

What 3D MOVIES can tell you about your VISION

CPA speaks out on her life's struggle with esotropia...changed through vision therapy

Looking Inward:The Vision Therapy treatment of Convergence Insufficiency

Alisha's mother, Amy talks about how her healthy skepticism was overcome after being referred by a learning specialist and OT, and seeing effective changes.

Here is a video on YouTube from the Perini Family

With six years of hindsight, Lisa Perini talks about what a gift vision therapy has been to her daughter. Carly speaks to how much she struggled to read as a 3rd grader and has subsequently become a voracious reader.

Here is a video on YouTube with an interview of a patient who experienced concussion talking about how vision therapy changed her life

Here is a video on YouTube with an interview with Robby and his mom

They describe how he tried all kinds of therapies and it wasn't until a friend of the family pointed them in the right direction that he blossomed with reading. Robby is incredibly mature and insightful

This YouTube video addresses the odyssey of an adult patient with strabismus

She discusses how vision therapy enabled her to continue driving, and who was never given the option of vision therapy by the many ophthalmologists she had seen

Here is a YouTube video that is not from a patient of ours, but was so significant that I wanted to share it with you.

It is an interview of Cheryl Meskin, Director of Early Childhood for the Board of Jewish Education of New York

This is a particularly well done YouTube video by our colleague, Dr. John Abbondonza

He helps to explain general principles of vision therapy, and the key ingredients to success

Vision Therapy Works!

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