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Symptoms of ADHD

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You can’t be “selectively” ADHD. If a child has an underlying neurological issue affecting attention, it will be a global problem. In other words my mind is going to be elsewhere whether I’m listening to someone else read, or reading independently. But the child who will listen to someone else read endlessly, yet find reading independently very difficult to sustain, has a vision problem such as convergence insufficiency (CI) until proven otherwise. In a study published in the journal Strabismus, Dr. David Granet and colleagues found an apparent three-fold greater incidence of ADHD among patients with CI when compared with the incidence of ADHD in the general population.

You can read more about about ADHD among patients with CI on the ADD/ADHD website.

This is consistent with questions from the widely regarded CI Symptom Survey (CISS) which centers on trouble maintain attention, concentration, and memory while reading.

You can download a copy of the CISS on the American Optometric Association's Website.

Our clinical experience matches the study published by Dr. Eric Borsting and colleagues reporting that children with CI score higher on the hyperactive categories of the Connors Parent’s Rating Scales when compared to a group of children with normal binocular vision (Optometry 2005).

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