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Vision disorders can be misdiagnosed as ADHD

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Vision disorders can be misdiagnosed as ADHD because there are signs and symptoms that overlap. A paper by Damari, Liu, and Smith addressed the importance of a thorough evaluation of the visual system before a child is placed on medication as the only alternative given.

Download "Vision Disorders Misdiagnosed as ADHD" in its entirety

Vision therapy can therefore be of great benefit in addressing the visual component of inattention. A key article in the Journal of Learning Disabilities by Solan and colleagues shows that visual attention has a strong influence on reading, and that visual attention can be improved through vision therapy.

Download "Is There a Common Linkage Among Reading Comprehension, Visual Attention, and Magnocellular Processing?"

My clinical experience matches the observations by Dr. Joseph Trachtman, an O.D., Ph.D.. He wrote that we have the unique opportunity and responsibility to help countless numbers of patients who have been labeled ADHD. He wrote that we have the opportunity help those who have been misdiagnosed, misunderstood, and subjected to frequently unnecessary powerful drugs (JBO 2000).

While there are certainly patients who can be helped by medication, drugs cannot address underlying vision problems contributing to visual inattention.

These problems can only be treated with appropriate lenses, prisms, and/or active vision therapy.

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