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Can Vision Therapy Help Children With ASD?

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Potentially yes, and it is important to note that developmental optometrists are the authorities on this subject. A great article was written about this by Audrey Adams, the parent of an autistic child. There is no single panacea or magic bullet for children with ASD. No one therapy will help all children with ASD, but visual processing is one part of an overall sensory approach that must be considered. Below is an excerpt from Audrey's article.

"If a child with autism/PDD is unable to read is uncooperative with close tasks, has illegible handwriting, or is disruptive in class, too often we assume these are "autistic" behaviors that must be modified behaviorally or taught with numerous repetitions. When these same characteristics are present in non-disabled children, most primary grade teachers would ask if the child has had a complete visual examination. My son's first, second, and third grade teacher all did and I regrettably ignored them until the fourth grade. Though he read and was disruptive, these regular education teachers all saw signs of possible vision problems: eye contact avoidance, blackboard visual avoidance, poor and uneven handwriting, inability to listen and look simultaneously, over use of peripheral vision, a stiff-legged walk and poking at the sides of his eyes."

To read this article in its entirety, visit our Vision Help Website.

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Why Isn’t Vision Part of Early Intervention Services?

Most of the parents who come to us have already had contact with EI, or early intervention services. These consist of occupational therapy (OT), physical therapy (PT) and speech-language pathology (SLP). Dr. Press is a frequent lecturer to OTs, PTs, and SLPs. They all agree that visual processing is a crucial area of development that to date has been overlooked. Dr. Press is one of the nation’s authorities in broadening awareness about this important aspect of neuro-typical development.

Where Can I Learn More About Vision and ASD?

Seminars are now being given across the country about vision and ASD. An example of the seminar given by Dr. Press can be found here on CMI's website

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Dr. Melvin Kaplan has written an excellent book on vision and ASD, Seeing Through New Eyes.

Patty Lemer is the editor a valuable book that includes much information about vision and ASD, Envisioning a Bright Future.

An excellent video showcasing treatment for Autism through Vision Therapy

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