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Our Treatment

The majority of patients who come to us with reading difficulties have already had a variety of interventions with varying degrees of success. Typically someone, such as an educator or occupational therapist, feels that there is a missing link between a child’s intelligence and the response to prior interventions. Treatment therefore begins with an understanding of what has been tried before, and what the results have been.

We always conduct a conference with the patient or parents to review our findings from the evaluation. If our evaluation shows that problems in visual efficiency or visual processing can account for key signs or symptoms that a patient is exhibiting, we customize a treatment plan. This may consist of a prescription for lenses or prisms, or active optometric vision therapy. Targeted interventions include focusing, eye teaming and tracking, as well as visual perception.

Visual Crowding is a significant factor in
visual dyslexia

Visual Crowding image

Visual crowding is a significant factor in visual dyslexia, and is a form of visual sensory overload. Therapy to address this includes computerized as well as non-computerized activities. Guided reading programs using a moving window help to balance reading speed with comprehension with the goal to attain improved fluency. When appropriate, we make recommendations for Section 504 accommodations that include enlarged print size, which helps to reduce crowding, but does not get at the source of the problem which is within the visual brain.

The three primary educational interventions to address word recognition and reading readiness in dyslexia are Orton-Gillingham, Wilson, and Lindamood-Bell. Our treatment incorporates principles involved in each of these approaches, based on technologies such as PACE and Master the Code. Rather than being rooted to a particular method, we evaluate each child individually to customize an approach likely to result in the best outcome for visually based reading problems.

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