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Viewing 3D

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3D technology has been around for quite some time. What is new and exciting is the high quality of stereoscopic 3D, otherwise known as S3D, that has emerged in the 21st century. Significant attention has been drawn to S3D through the entertainment industry. We are primarily interested in S3D because of the demands that it places on the interaction between accommodation, or focusing, and convergence, or eye teaming. Given the looming interest in the educational field about uses of S3D, our children are likely to be involved in extended 3D viewing for more than just entertainment. Is your child visually prepared to benefit from the experience?

The American Optometric Association assembles information about 3D Viewing

The main thing to remember is the 3Ds of 3D viewing. If your child experiences the following:

Your child should be evaluated by a Doctor of Optometry, since these are signs of a potential vision problem.

Learn more about 3D viewing on the American Optometric Association's Website

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