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Vision is a learned process, and patients with brain injury often revert to stages of learning how to use vision for the first time. Changes involving primitive reflexes may occur. Many of the strategies used in helping children from a visual development standpoint can also be applied to restoring visual function and performance.

While acquired brain injuries are often associated with stroke or motor vehicle accidents, increasing attention is being given to the effects of repeated concussions among athletes of all ages. The cumulative effects of concussion can interfere with visual abilities. In a recent study visual processing speed involving the types of eye movements used when reading slowed considerably when cognitive function was impacted by concussion.

The same multidisciplinary approach involving optometric care that is beneficial to the patient with developmental learning problems can benefit the patient acquired brain injury. At The Vision & Learning Center we pride ourselves in being up to date in the latest research, technology and applications of brain based vision therapies.

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