Visual Processing and PressVision

The Vision and Learning Center

Vision Therapy Patients at the Vision and Learning Center

The environment in our Vision & Learning Center is much like Liberty Science Center. Your child’s performance on our visual processing evaluation helps us pinpoint the areas of greatest need. While we celebrate each child’s individuality, we set conditions to help your child explore how he is interpreting visual space, visual sequencing, laterality and directionality, visual memory, and other components of visual processing including auditory-visual integration.

Visual processing is a key aspect of your child’s readiness for learning in general and reading in particular.

Our role in The Vision & Learning Center is not to provide your child with alternative teaching methods. It is to help him develop the readiness skills necessary to be more fully responsive to educational interventions.

Our Vision & Learning Center has a strong tradition of collaborating with occupational therapists, particularly those therapists who have a solid background and experience in sensory integration. OT (occupational therapy) and VT (vision therapy) are not a substitute for one another, but rather complement each other.

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