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The following are a sample of reading references and resources that provide additional information about vision beyond 20/20 eyesight, and how it influences development, learning, performance, and rehabilitation.

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Applied Concepts in Vision Therapy

This is a textbook authored by Dr. Press together with other leading authorities in brain-based vision therapy.

It is available here.

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Clinical Pearls in Refractive Care

This is a textbook co-authored by Drs. Press and Werner, based on courses given at the SUNY College of Optometry how to individualize lens and prism prescriptions.

It is available here

Eye Care for Infants and Young Children

This is a textbook for eyecare professionals, in which Dr. Press co-authored a chapter on the management of amblyopia or “lazy eye”.

It is available here.

Computers and Vision Book

Computers and Vision Therapy Programs

This is a monograph edited by Dr. Press on the principles behind computer applications to vision therapy.

It is available here.

Book cover Envisioning a Bright Future

Envisioning a Bright Future: Interventions that Work for Children and Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders

A multi-authored paperback, this wonderful book summarizes current approaches from a variety of disciplines including Optometry.

It is available here.

Vision Rehab book

Vision Rehabilitiation: Multidisciplinary Care of the Patient Following Brain Injury

A textbook that has fast become the standard in the field. Dr. Press co-authored a chapter on Spatial Vision with Dr. Robert Sanet.

It is available here.

Vision Deficits Book cover

Understanding and Managing Vision Deficits: A Guide for Occupational Therapists

Authored by Dr. Mitchell Scheiman, this book aids the collaboration between occupational therapists and optometrists.

It is available here.

Diagnosis and Management Book cover

Diagnosis and Management of Special Populations

A good resource, edited by Dr. Dominick Maino, on caring for children with special needs.

It is available here.

When Your Child Struggles: The Myths of 20/20 Vision: What Every Parent Needs to Know

Written by Dr. David Cook, this is a very helpful guide for parents.

It is available directly through his website here.

Eye Power book cover

Eye Power: An Updated Report on Vision Therapy

This is an easy to read book co-authored by Dr. Stanley Appelbaum and Ann Towsend Hoopes this is very informative for the public.

Dr. Press wrote the foreword to the book, and it is available here.

See it book cover

See It. Say It. Do It! The Parent’s & Teacher’s Action Guide to Creating Successful Students and Confident Kids

Written by Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, this a unique book about visualization, a key developmental visual skill.

Dr. Press wrote the foreword to the book and it is available here.

Seeing through new eyes book cover

Seeing Through New Eyes: Changing the Lives of Children with Autism, Asperger Syndrome and other Developmental Disabilities through Vision Therapy

Written by Dr. Melvin Kaplan, this book provide the rationale for the use of yoked prism glasses and other intervention.

It is available here

Seeing is achieving book cover

Seeing is Achieving

This book describes how many of the problems children encounter in school, sports and social activities can be corrected by developing proper channels for their eyes to communicate information to the brain.

It is available here.

Vision and School Success book cover

Vision and School Success

A short paperback that helps educators recognize the visual demands of the classroom, the behavior of students who are experiencing stress because of their vision problems and ways and means of alleviating this stress.

It is available here.

Suddenly Successful Student book cover

The Suddenly Successful Student & Friends

This concise paperback gives a clear overview of behavioral optometry, including supportive comments from pediatricians, general practitioners, and best selling author Allan Cott, M.D., a New York psychiatrist.

It is available here.

Effects of Vision on learning book cover

Effects of Vision on Learning & School Performance

A short monograph informative for parents and educators.

It is available here.

Developing your child's intelligence book cover

How to Develop Your Child’s Intelligence

A classic paperback by Dr. Gerald Getman, this book is ideal for parents who home-school.

It is available here.

Thinking goes to school book cover

Thinking Goes to School

Another paperback that parents who home school will find well-suited to adopting as part of their curriculum. It is co-authored by two Piagetian scholars, the developmental optometrist Dr. Harry Wachs, and Hans Furth.

Included are activities in General Movement Thinking, Discriminative Movement Thinking, Visual Thinking, Auditory Thinking, Hand Thinking, Graphic Thinking, and Logical Thinking.

It is available here.

Childhood Learning book cover

Childhood Learning: Journey or Race?

Written by the pioneering optometrist Dr. John Streff, this paperback demonstrates to parents that working at the level of how a child sees and understands the world is a key element in changing childhood learning from a race that is exhausting and fruitless to a valuable, successful journey for all.

It is available here.

Without ritalin book cover

Without Ritalin: A Natural Approach to ADD

Explores a unique route from vision anomalies in children to a diagnosis of ADHD and on to the subsequent overuse of Ritalin for all manner of learning and behavioral problems. Contains information on the latest ADHD research, the relationship between vision disorders and ADHD, and analysis of commonly prescribed behavior modification drugs.

It is available here.

Endless Journey book cover

Endless Journey

After a serious car accident in which she suffered traumatic brain injury and was partially blinded, veterinarian Janet Stumbo was told that there was no chance for improvement.

In this fascinating first-hand account Dr. Stumbo shares who behavioral vision care allowed her to prosper after medical doctors gave her little hope for a normal life. It serves as an inspiring message to survivors, families and health care practitioners who work with TBI patients, and is available here.

Insight into Sports book cover

An Insight Into Sports

This is a nice book that provides background information on the importance of good visual skills to sports performance.

It is available here.

Smart medicine book cover

Smart Medicine for Your Eyes: A Guide to Safe and Effective Relief of Common Eye Disorders

This book is written by an optometrist who has pioneered in understanding the influence of nutrition on the eyes and visual system.

It is available here.

Jillian's Story book cover

Jillian's Story: How Vision Therapy Changed My Daughter's Life

This is an inspiring book written by Robin Benoit with contributions from her daughter, Jillian. It describes how a family overcame the poor guidance given to them by ophthalmologists (eye surgeons not trained in developmental optometry) about their daughter’s amblyopia (“lazy eye”).

It is available here.

Fixing my Gaze book cover

Fixing My Gaze: A Scientist's Journey Into Seeing in Three Dimensions

Beautifully written by neuroscientist Dr. Susan R. Barry, this is a first-hand account of the profound influence of vision on development.

It details the inconsideration of ophthalmologists (eye surgeons) toward optometric vision therapy, and the emergence of a new dimension in the depth and stability of her vision after Dr. Barry underwent vision therapy.

It is available at

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