For Optometric Physicians

Referral and Co-Management Information

We take pride in having the largest referral-based practice for vision therapy in the State of New Jersey. When you refer a patient to our office, we encourage you to use our NCR referral form to indicate the primary reason for the referral. This enables you to give the patient a copy of the referral to the patient. With the advent of EHR you can customize your own internal referral fields to generate information for us as well as the patient.

Referral categories can be by clinical condition such as:

In some instances referral may be driven by history, such as academic difficulty, or for specific services such as a visual perceptual evaluation or a visual evoked potential. In many instances it will be preferable to advise patients that they are being referred for specialized testing. We are pleased to supply you with a referral packet that has NCR referral forms and a variety of patient education literature related to specialized testing as well as vision therapy related conditions.

There are no optical services rendered in our office, as we do not have an optical dispensary. If we feel that a lens prescription is indicated, the patient will be referred back to your office for those services. We only evaluate family members of the referred patient if they have first been examined by you and subsequently referred to our office.

Dr. Press is board certified in vision therapy by the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD).

COVD has a white paper on its website that addresses referral protocol for specialized optometric care, under the title "Referral Protocol Ethics."

We adhere closely to the COVD protocols. Our experience has been that the patient has the best outcome when there is collaboration between the referring OD and our practice. We are highly appreciative of the confidence that our optometric colleagues place in our practice.

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