Vision and ADHD/ADD
Helping Children Develop Vision Tools

Our goal in The Vision & Learning Center is to help a child develop the visual tools necessary to respond more fully to her or his educational setting. What is true for school applies to the home setting as well in getting homework done. Regarding ADHD, we adhere to the guidelines of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development which state:

“Any assessment of a child who is experiencing reading or learning problems should also include a comprehensive vision evaluation by a developmental optometrist. The role of the developmental optometrist in this multi-disciplinary approach is to assess the child’s visual abilities. Attempting to function in school with poor visual abilities may result in fatigue, short attention span, avoidance of near work, and slower performance.”

We work with parents and other professionals in a collaborative environment. There is no one answer in helping all children with specific diagnoses, only pieces of puzzles to solve together.

More information about Vision and ADD/ADHD is available in a journal article on Visual Factors in Childhood Behavioral Disorders co-authored by Dr. Press