• The acclaimed Visual Processing Therapy Seminar given by Dr. Press is now available on DVD! Below is a video excerpt of the seminar.
    • Publications by Dr. Press in the Journal of Behavioral Optometry
  • An excellent overview of optometric vision therapy oriented toward parents.
  • A magnificent video narrated by George Page explaining why there’s more to good vision than 20/20.

Dr. Leonard Press, a past President of the New Jersey Society of Optometric Physicians, discusses how some children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) may actually be misdiagnosed and may simply have vision problems. Learn about Vision Therapy and how it could help your child

Keith Holland is Clinical Director of Keith Holland & Associates, an optometrist practice in Cheltenham that serves clients in more than 60 countries. He has almost 30 years’ experience in optometry and began his career in The City University, London and The London Refraction Hospital.

  • A wonderful interactive site with information about binocular vision and vision therapy.
  • Extensive compilation of links related to Attention Deficit Disorder and the role of vision.
  • An article written by Dr. Press to help teachers and school nurses understand the link between vision and school performance.
  • Interview with Dr. Press on a variety of vision therapy topics and issues.
  • Resolution by the National PTA on the importance of visual skills to school achievement, and the inadequacy of 20/20 eyesight as a sign that vision is fine.
  • Resolution by the NAACP on the contribution of poor visual skills to juvenile delinquency. Includes key statements by two ophthalmologists acknowledging the ignorance in their field about the benefits of optometric vision therapy.
  • Synopsis from a Harvard Graduate School of Education seminar on the crucial role of vision in learning.
  • An interview with Dr. Donald Getz on the role of vision in ADDin particular, and on performance in general.
  • A concise summary regarding visual dyslexia, showing that there no doubt that vision problems can seriously affect the ability to learn to read as well as read to learn.
  • Very nice website from Children’s Vision Information Networkabout vision and reading.
  • News from the American Optometric Association showing the flaws in criticism of vision therapy by Ophthalmology and Pediatrics.

YouTube video by Bill Nye the Science Guy on the importance of vision to learning.

  • Dr. Press cited regarding individuals having visual difficulties with viewing 3D media.
  • Excellent Information on 3D vision in the education field and entertainment industry, distributed by the American Optometric Association.
  • A website of leading Developmental Vision Specialistspracticing in the United States, one of whom is Dr. Press.
  • This is the vision therapy blog written by the visionhelp.com doctors about topics related to developmental vision, vision rehabilitation, brain-based vision, and vision therapy.
  • A delightful and informative blog written by Susan R. Barry, Ph.D., also known as “Stereo Sue.”
  • Formerly developed by Catalyst Vision, these are a series of online video courses that are oriented toward occupational therapists and educators who want to gain a greater understanding of vision as it applies to success in the classroom.
  • Website of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development,containing a wide range of information useful for doctors as well as the public.
  • Information about a private practice Residency program under the auspices of Southern College of Optometry which Dr. Press helped to pioneer.
  • Website of the Optometric Extension Program Foundation,containing treasures of resources involving vision education.
  • A link to key position papers related to vision therapy by the American Academy of Optometry.