• Synopsis from a Harvard Graduate School of Education seminar on the crucial role of vision in learning.
  • An interview with Dr. Donald Getz on the role of vision in ADD in particular, and on performance in general.
  • A concise summary regarding visual dyslexia,showing that there no doubt that vision problems can seriously affect the ability to learn to read as well as read to learn.
  • Very nice website from Children’s Vision Information Network about vision and reading.
  • News from the American Optometric Association showing the flaws in criticism of vision therapy by Ophthalmology and Pediatrics.
  • Formerly developed by Catalyst Vision, these are a series of online video courses that are oriented toward occupational therapists and educatorswho want to gain a greater understanding of vision as it applies to success in the classroom.

From previous “What is Vision Thera[y” section

Here is a link to COVD’s Research Update on Visually Based Reading Disability

Dr. Amy Pruszenksi has several excellent research links to Acquired Brain Injury and to Learning Disabilities on the Visual Victory Training’s Website.

A nice summary of recent research compiled by Dr. Dominick Maino at Illinois College of Optometry, including PubMed citations can be found on Bright Eyes Family Vision’s Website.