The VisionHelp Podcast series brings you the “3-D Connection” to better vision

The VisionHelp Podcast Program brings to our listeners the second episode featuring the topics of 3-D vision from the perspective of the American Optometric Association presented by Dr. Leonard Press, as well as from the eyes of a neuroscientist and author of the best-selling book, Fixing My Gaze – Dr. Susan Barry.

Dr. Press begins with his review of the role of 3-D vision and how this quintessential product of good binocular vision has been recognized by the American Optometric Association at the 2012 Annual Meeting in Chicago to be an important example of a good visual health. In addition to the entertainment value of 3-D movies, Dr. Press explains how 3-D technology can be used in educational presentations and even serve as a public health vision screening tool.

What better way to wrap up the discussion than by an interview with neuroscientist, Dr. Susan Barry who struggled her entire life with esotropia until she found effective treatment for her strabismus through vision therapy at age 48, ultimately developing normal binocular vision, including stereopsis…3D vision. Dr. Barry tells her fascinating story of experiencing stereovision including how she made the decision to write the book, Fixing my Gaze.

Our host, Charles Girard closes the program with a heartwarming story of success about a young child who formerly with strabismus, gained normal binocular vision, including the ability to see in 3D.

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